Salon Serenity Hair Design - Keeping You Beautiful
Menu of Services            
One process color (regrowth touch up)            55 and up
Full Foil Highlite                                                90 and up
Partial Foil Highlite                                            70 and up
Toner (color balancing)                                     25 and up
Shampoo, Cut and Blowdry                              45 and up
Shampoo, Cut                                                   38 and up
Blowdry and Style                                             30 and up
Flat Iron                                                             10 and up
Eyebrow Wax                                                    15
Lip Wax                                                              10
Chin                                                                   12 
Custom Airbrush Tan                                         40
Hair Extensions                                                  Comp. Consult
Keratin Treatment                                               300 and up
Formaldyhyde free keratin                   350 and up
Perms                                                                 85 and up
Updo and Special Occasion Styling                    60 and up
All service costs may be adjusted according to the length and thickness
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